About Cozy Homes

Sample ImageCozy Homes corporation was started in 1993 with two broad objectives; build every home like our family was going to live in it, and save the purchaser money. Our popular packages is our base price amenities and is not a "stripped" down package. (we've heard from our customers that some builders even charge for garage doors, mirrors, towel bars and don't even paint the home!

Reasons Cozy Homes is your best choice

1. Quality

Consider some of the differences CHC feels puts us ahead. Outstanding quality chrome plumbing fixtures that don't need to be upgraded and have a manufacturer lifetime warranty finish. We DON"T use T1-11 or similar siding. We use Primed Hardiplank wood look 8" horizontal siding. Our carpet is good carpet, it's really best for the price range. In our opinion, our finish carpenters, drywallers, plumbers, etc are way better than many of our competitors. You don't want to cheapen up on the plumber!

2. Better Home Designs

The truth is there are a lot of poorly thought out floor plans in existence. Compare and see what you think! Homes with circular floor plans, lots of light, good street appeal, etc are better to live in and sell faster in resale.

3. On time Construction:

CHC has a superb reputation for finishing homes when we say we will. You are usually paying interest while the home is being built so the sooner it gets finished the less it costs to build. Go with experience and reputation.

4. Reputation:

Ask the lenders - they know how good we are. We have a thorough contract agreement which spells out what you do and what CHC provides for the money. There is nothing worse than confusion and disappointment. Our contracts clearly state what you get for the money.

5. Choices:

We allow you more opportunity to customize your amenities than any other volume builder we know of! You can upgrade to beautiful hardwood floors, tile and granite counter tops, real wood packages, rounded drywall corners, wood wrapped windows, appliances, exterior concrete and much more! Please review our exciting list of options to customize your taste.

6. Better Resale Value:

All of the above add up to a better value. We all know that street appeal, the feeling of quality, the amenities, etc are what impress buyers and create higher resale prices. At Cozy Homes a few more dollars well invested now will yield big returns on your financial net worth. When you come home you will feel great about your decision and truly enjoy your beautiful new home.