Electrical Upgrade Options

Cozy Home

Please note that some “Options” may be standard in the Premier Package and therefore not an “extra cost”.  Prices are subject to change until contracted.  Prices are installed and any credits are built into quoted price: 

Example:  additional hardwood floor price takes into account that carpet or vinyl is being replaced with hardwood.

  Electrical Upgrade Choices Cost
Extra phone or TV outlets, each     Contact Us For Price

Extra electrical outlet each:  

Note:  Add 1 light = as switch is needed unless
Run off existing switch .

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Gen Tran-Reliance or Equivalent transfer System

5,000 Watt Capacity – up to 12 circuits  this box allows key areas of home
during a power outage. Depending on the power of generator.

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Heat Pump 13 SEER includes cool air conditioning,Electrician charge, and pad for compressor to sit on.

Homes 3000 sq ft to 3600 sq ft              
(Heat pump charge is over & above standard gas furnace)

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Electronic Air Cleaner   Contact Us For Price
Dedicated circuit plug-in:        Contact Us For Price
400 Amp Service, beginning at Contact Us For Price

Recessed Can Light:

Includes trim and bulb.                                                                                          

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Wire for Paddle Fan:                                                     

Does not include fan.  (Includes code required bracket to hold weight
of fan and fan assembly only).

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3 Under Cabinet Low Voltage Lights & Switch:           

(This is decided by CHC.  Price does not include fixture).

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Wire for light in Closets (switch & outlet):

Fixture comes out of light allowance.  All walk-in closets come with light and switch

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Appliance Upgrade Contact Us For Price
Central Vaccum


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Rocker Switches

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Metal Lamp Posts up to 100 ft from garage:               

Anything over 100 ft add $15 sq, ft.  Price includes
Builders standard lamp post, wiring and assembly – digging is applied against bulldozing.

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Stair Lights

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